Confectionery factory Rūta creates legends of taste that will stun you with their masterful execution, legitimacy of Lithuanian recipes, traditions, and premium quality.


Chocolate Collection “Rūta Chocolate Masters. STORIES OF CHOCOLATES” has been awarded a gold medal!
As the year is coming to the end, we want to rejoice that for the confectionery factory Rūta 2019 w...
Rūta enters summer with special news: RUBY, the fourth brand of chocolate
The news is impressive and captivating indeed: the confectionery factory Rūta is introducing RUBY, ...
Rūta’s Chocolatiers receives an award
At the 2019 Superior Taste Award competition, the exclusive collection of 20 chocolates Rūta’s Ch...
BRC certification awarded to confectionery factor Rūta
The demand for food safety has been in a rice lately. Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding ...