Rūta enters summer with special news: RUBY, the fourth brand of chocolate

The news is impressive and captivating indeed: the confectionery factory Rūta is introducing RUBY, the fourth brand of chocolate. This fresh news brings yet another bright stroke on the palette of chocolate flavours.

RUBY chocolate enchants with its unique soft tartness of berries and fruity notes. They will take you back to 2017, when, after more than 10 years of search and development spent studying the secrets of cocoa beans, the chocolate makers at Barry Callebaut in Switzerland created a 4th brand of chocolate. And it was definitely worth the wait: they invented a unique method to prepare cocoa beans, which releases their exceptional flavour and colour. RUBY is a special chocolate that has enthralled the world with its sensuous tango of the freshness of berries and sweet subtlety. The unique colour and the playful fruity notes are born naturally, without the use of any dyes of additives. The substances that mimic the fragrance and colour of fresh berries occur naturally in RUBY cocoa beans, hence an exceptional balance of the freshness of berries and sweetness is maintained.

A piece of subtle elegance that melts in your mouth. Slightly sour and refreshing, pleasantly sweet – yes, that is the new RUBY chocolate. This taste cannot be mistaken for any other; difficult to describe, it just has to be savoured!

The chocolate factory Rūta is presenting collection of chocolates Rūta’s Chocolatiers. THE STORIES OF CHOCOLATES. It features four brands of premium chocolates that pair impeccably with soft pistachio cream and invite you on a sophisticated journey of the history of chocolate. Prepare for amazing experiences and embark on a journey of flavours. Four different eras are represented by four brands of chocolate: the subtly bitter dark, the creamy milk, the sweet white, and the lightly sour RUBY. All 4 brands of chocolate are included to make the trip into the history of chocolate rich, and the different tastes, even more pronounced. The elegant box also includes a booklet about the 4 brands of chocolate.

One hundred years of Rūta’s experience and expert attention to detail creates timeless flavours. All you have to do is treat yourself and discover your perfect taste.

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