We reduce the amount of added sugar in our products

At the beginning of the last year, the "Rūta" sweets factory and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania signed a cooperation agreement in order to improve the composition of food products. Under such an agreement, the companies voluntarily undertake to improve the composition of foods by reducing the amount of sugar, salt and fat in the content. Currently, 16 companies have signed this agreement.

Reduction of the amount of sugar, salt and fats in daily nutrition is recommended by the World Health Organization and the European Commission. The excessive use of these substances is detrimental to health, increases the risk of various illnesses, and the Ministry initiated a cooperation agreement in order to prevent health problems by which food producers should commit themselves to improving human health and reducing the amount of unhealthy substances.

The "Rūta" sweets factory in the agreement stated that they will create a new group of healthy products without added sugar and fat, and will stop production of several types of sugar dragees. 

Less than one year has passed, and can be said that the contractual obligations are fulfilled. The modern pace of life that can be described as daily running and rush is well known for many. Such a routine often diminishes even satisfaction of the most basic needs, and in place of balanced and healthier food people choose low-value, completely useless for the body snacks. The "Rūta" sweets factory, taking into account what is urgent today, has developed the "Greenz" line of products which are healthy and enriched by various fruits, nuts and seeds beneficial to the body.

This line was created by the sweets factory in collaboration with scientists from the Lithuanian Agriculture and Forestry Science Centre (LAMMC). Innovative bars from the high biological value vegetable raw materials adapted to the nutritional needs of different groups of people. It is important that all snacks are produced without gluten, added sugar, and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. That is what they have become the exclusive products on the market.

In addition, "Greenz" snacks are labelled with the "Keyhole" symbol, which distinguishes products from other products in the same group because they are healthier. The symbol is used for products which meet criteria set by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania and contain less sugar, salt, saturated fats, trans fats, and no food sweeteners.

"Rūta" offers "Greenz" protein snacks rich in proteins and fibers. The other very valuable snack of the "Greenz" line is with folic acid (vitamin B9). And if you lack vitamins, we offer "Greenz” snacks with calcium and vitamin D or with the seeds of amaranth which is a source of magnesium. All "Greenz" snacks are produced taking into account the fast pace of life and consumer needs for fast but healthy foods! 

Usual sweets can be replaced with candies of the same line of "Greenz" produced of 6 flavours – with blueberries, sea buckthorns, rowans, cherries, peanuts and coconuts. These candies are also produced with no added sugar, and rich in fiber. Candies are wrapped in chocolate (rich in cocoa dry matter – 96 per cent).

The "Greenz" line has already won several awards and is highly appreciated and liked by people of all ages. So eating healthier and more beneficial foods is really possible! The products of this line can be found: http://www.ruta.lt/produktai/uzkandziai

In the product assortment, "Rūta" also has a special chocolate without added sugar for real gourmants. It is a bitter chocolate (96 per cent of cocoa in its content) is produced for people who do not use sugar or are overweight. Another product is chocolate with stevia (70 per cent of cocoa in its content) for people who care about health and body lines. This chocolate is saccharose-free, and natural sweeteners, namely the maltitol and stevia, are additionally used.

Continually improving the quality of our products, we aim to minimize the amount of added sugar in our products or eliminate it, and believe that more than one newly developed product will meet the criteria for healthier foods. The collective of the "Rūta" sweets factory cares about public health and is happy that they can contribute to the future healthier lifestyles!

To prepare the article, Information of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania was used 

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