A Chocolate-Scented History

History of the confectionery factory Rūta began in 1913, when a 36-year-old Antanas Gricevičius installed a caramel boiling kettle and sign reading Rūta appeared on a small wooden house in Šiauliai. For 110 years, the factory has been known for creating distinctive flavours and surprising customers with its craftsmanship, authenticity of Lithuanian recipes, traditions, and the highest quality.

In 2023 Rūta is celebrating its 110th anniversary, thus, in order to commemorate the celebration, an exclusive chocolate and sweets collection was created. The design of this collection reveals historical details of Rūta: sweets wrappers designed during the interwar period and photos from different periods, reflecting the daily life of the factory.

Chocolate Collection
“A Chocolate-Scented History“, 195 g

The confectionery factory Rūta has created an elegant set of 5 brand new chocolate sweets to commemorate its 110th anniversary. They perfectly reflect the factory’s experience and craftsmanship, as well as the main production principles, which include paying attention to detail and ensuring the highest quality.

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Chocolate Collection
“A Chocolate-Scented History“, 115 g

“A Chocolate-Scented History“, a set of delicate chocolate sweets, will surprise you with three unique flavours developed by our chocolatiers. The product is decorated with exclusive design elements – historical papers of the interwar period, which the founder of the factory created in collaboration with the best Lithuanian artists and poets.

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Dark chocolate sweets with cherries and chilli peppers “A Chocolate-Scented History“, 1 kg

Dark chocolate (55%) sweets with an extremely soft dark chocolate, cherry filling and a subtle spiciness from chilli peppers.

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Dark chocolate set “A Chocolate-Scented History“, 90 g

An elegant white box with a small window hides a unique collection of dark chocolate. The label design of each chocolate bar is different. They depict the historical packaging and photos from the confectionery factory Rūta. Cocoa solids in chocolate – 75%.

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Dark chocolate “A Chocolate-Scented History“, 18 g

Dark chocolate with 5 different wrappers, the design of which includes historical packaging and photos of the confectionery factory Rūta. Cocoa solids in chocolate – 75%.

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The unique and exclusive collection of our chocolatiers invites you to discover new tastes, enjoy the highest quality, and explore the traditions of the confectionery factory Rūta.
The collection includes 16 handmade sweets of different shapes and flavours.

Every fifth box contains a gift!