Confectionery factory Rūta

creates legends of taste, surprising with craftsmanship, authenticity of Lithuanian recipes, traditions and the highest quality…

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Saldainių fabrikas „Rūta“

kuria skonio legendas, stebinančias meistrystę, lietuviškų receptų autentika, tradicijomis ir aukščiausia kokybe…

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Savvy, diligence, and love for sweets…

When a signboard reading Rūta appeared on a tiny wooden cottage in Šiauliai in 1913, and Antanas Gricevičius started cooking toffee in a large cauldron, no one could even thought that, after more than a 100 years, that tiny chalet would turn into the one of the oldest confectionery factories not only in Lithuania, but also in Europe.

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