In 2012, the Rūta Chocolate Museum was opened in a protected historical heritage building. It is the only chocolate museum in Lithuania, which tells the history of chocolate that has continued for more than four millennia. The museum has already received more than 160,000 visitors from 95 countries!



At the Chocolate Museum, you will set off on a journey through the sweet country of chocolate, where you will be accompanied by experienced guides who will tell captivating stories. You can expect to see a huge cacao tree protected by the Aztec Emperor Montezuma II, various tools used for picking the pods from cacao trees, and the chocolate containers used by Indians, including – a unique Mayan cup for drinking a chocolate drink that is almost a thousand years old!



In the Chocolate Museum, you will learn about how chocolate came to Lithuania and the history of Rūta, the oldest confectionery factory in Europe. It’s a family business that has been operating for more than a century, and is now managed by the great-grandchildren of the founder Antanas Gricevičius. It’s also where legendary flavours and surprises are created through experienced craftsmanship.



The Museum offers a wide range of engaging activities. Every visitor can access interactive computer games to take a quiz on the history of chocolate or create his or her own candy wrapper! Little explorers will be fascinated by the extraordinary wall with resizing glasses! Looking through them, you can see the large factory devices in a scaled down view. And at the end of the tour, visitors to the museum are invited to take a comfortable seat and enjoy a film about the details of chocolate production and the history of the Rūta confectionery factory.