Chocolate workshops

At our Chocolate Museum, you will not only learn about the more than 4,000 years of the history of chocolate, but can also enjoy participating in an exclusive tasting session! Or maybe you’d like to become a chocolatier yourself? If so, we invite you to attend our chocolate workshops!


Welcome to the sweetest place in Šiauliai – the Museum of Chocolate and our workshops! During this activity, you will taste and enjoy various types of sweets and will make them yourself! This program is suitable for every sweet tooth from the age of 4 to 104!

Duration ~1 hour. If you visit the Museum of Chocolate, your whole visit will take 2 hours.

Exclusive tasting programmes

Degustation programs at the Museum of Chocolate are created by „Rūta“ chocolatiers. During them, you will have a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a sweet journey of chocolate and discover unexpected combinations of flavours!

If you are considering how to spice up a company meeting or team building activities – we invite you to try chocolate tastings at your company or at a place of your choice.


During the tasting, you will not only hear, but also taste the history of chocolate: spicy Aztec and fragrant chocolate drinks from the Baroque era, various kinds of chocolates and the most delicious sweets from the confectionery factory “Rūta”. The program is recommended for adults.

Duration ~1 hour. If you visit the Museum of Chocolate, your whole visit will take 2 hours.


If you are in a hurry and don’t have a large group, yet would like not only to hear the history of chocolate, but also taste it – we got you! We have prepared a mini tasting for you, during which you will have a tour with a guide and hear many interesting facts about the history of chocolate as well as will taste the cacao beans, Aztec and European chocolate drinks. The program is recommended for adults.

Duration ~1 hour


During this degustation, you will have a chance to not only taste different types of chocolates, but also combine them with unexpected products. Your date with chocolate will begin with tasting the cocoa beans, continue through the blind tasting of limited origin chocolates and end with the chocolate pairing.

Duration ~1 hour. If you visit the Museum of Chocolate, your whole visit will take 2 hours.

Special programmes

The Chocolate Museum also organises special programmes for children, which are perfect for a birthday party! Children will not only have an opportunity to try fun activities, but will also make some amazing sweets. Choose the theme you prefer and reserve a time!


Birthday programme   The participants in our beauty workshop will create miracles from cocoa butter! By pouring white chocolate that’s rich in cocoa butter into the moulds, they will make lip balm from the cocoa butter. Later, with the help of natural colours they will colour the white chocolate any hue they desire, to the lip balm into a soft pink or red. The workshop also features a cake: the participants will decorate it together, before they blow out the candles.

The programme is recommended for children aged between 8 and 13 years.

Duration ~1 hour.


Birthday programme   

The participants in this programme will become real Indians! Using natural colours they will colour white chocolate to make coloured chocolate bars. They will also make a chocolate amulet and, of course, will taste the results. At the Indian chocolate workshop, the birthday boy will become the leader of a chocolate tribe. Guests will listen to his playful instructions, as we play games and finally blow out birthday candles.

The programme is recommended for children aged between 8 and 13 years. 

Duration ~1 hour.


  Our workshops cater to even the smallest chocolate lovers! A special programme awaits little ones, who will be invited to decorate sweet gingerbread and make chocolate lollipops!   The programme is recommended for children aged between 3 and 6 years.

We invite groups of between 6 to 20 children to attend. 

Duration ~ 40 minutes.


It was never so easy to become a real master of chocolate! During this programme participants will be making unique candies, however the main highlight is chocolate tempering. Together with our professional team of chocolate masters the participant will be given an opportunity to dive into the mysterious world of chocolate tempering: dress up like a real chocolate master, pour chocolate into molds, make candies with sweet filling.

“Become a real chocolate master” is a great opportunity to celebrate birthdays, bachelorette parties or even surprise their employer on a Boss’s Day with a special activity of trying to temper and work with chocolate yourself!

Programme is recommended for adults, but is also suitable for children above 16 years.

Duration ~2:30 hours..

Other activities

The Museum of Chocolate also organizes other activities, such as an exclusive program for bachelorette parties, an excursion around Šiauliai or a full-day program at the Chocolate Museum with lunch at the “Rūta“ cafe.


A special program for bachelorette parties. It includes a guided tour at the Museum of Chocolate and a tasting where you will enjoy chocolate with all your senses. Chocolate tasting “Chocolate Love Stories” is full of real historical events and love novels. We invite you to go on a romantic adventure with chocolate!

The program is for groups of 6-20 persons.

Duration ~ 2.5 hours.


We invite you to a tour around the city of sun, during which you will hear the history of Šiauliai, visit the main objects of the city and look for the sun and sweets!

Route: Resurrection Square – St. Cathedral of Peter and Paul the Apostles – Sundial Square – Lapė – Vilnius Street (pedestrian boulevard) – Rūdė Fountain – Valerijonas – Rooster Clock Square – Chocolate Museum.

Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours.


Confectionery factory “Rūta” is the sweetest place in Šiauliai! We invite you to go on a chocolate adventure and spend the day with our team. The program includes an excursion around Šiauliai, lunch at “Rūta’s” cafe, a guided tour at the Museum of Chocolate and a workshop where you will become a chocolatier!

Duration: 5 hours

Advance registration is required: +370 610 41 050 |