When the sign “Rūta” appeared on a wooden house in the centre of Šiauliai in 1913, and Antanas Gricevičius started boiling caramel in a large kettle, no one expected that the small house would turn into one of the longest-running candy factories, operating not only in Lithuania, but also in Europe for more than 100 years. The family business that has been operating for more than a century is now managed by the great-grandchildren of the founder Antanas Gricevičius. It is where legendary flavours and surprises are created through experienced craftsmanship.

The main activity of the company is the production of chocolates, jellies, soufflé candies, dragées, chocolates, chocolate figures, soft caramel and snacks. Rūta’s product range includes more than 300 different items, including special product groups (organic, sugar-free confectionery, freeze-dried dragées, fruit and nuts, and protein snacks). Sweets are made from raw materials of an extremely high quality. Both traditional and modern recipes are used for the production. Rūta gives a priority to natural ingredients and Lithuanian raw materials. Strawberries, blackcurrants, sea buckthorn, pumpkin, and many other Lithuanian and exotic berries, fruits and vegetables, royal jelly and pollen, honey and nuts grown in Lithuania are transformed into the most delicious chocolate fillings or condiments at the Rūta confectionery factory.


All products at the Rūta confectionery factory are created in compliance with the requirements of the regulatory documents in force in the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union. The company has implemented a food safety and quality management system that is certified according to the requirements of the BRC GS9. The quality of the raw materials and products used in the entire technological process is checked via the company’s process and microbiological laboratories. The company also operates a product traceability system. In 2022, UAB Rūta received the Rainforest Alliance certificate, which confirms that the cocoa products used in our production, and that reach consumers, come from sustainably operating farms.



The company owns 20 branded stores, a cafe and the only Chocolate Museum in Lithuania. The products are tasted and appreciated not only in Lithuania, but also in Germany, Latvia, Poland, Estonia, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, USA, Canada, Ukraine, Scandinavian countries, Azerbaijan, Taiwan and other countries, so Rūta can be proud to have international recognition as well. The Rūta factory’s successful efforts to provide quality and delicious sweets to the market are proven by the fact that it has won more than 40 top awards at different exhibitions and competitions since the establishment of the company.

Knowledge, hard work and a love for sweets are the three core values that have accompanied Rūta since its foundation and have won the recognition of those who love sweets.