Chocolate Collection Is Awarded With Lithuanian Product of the Year 2022 Gold Medal!

The unique collection of 21 types of handmade chocolates, dark chocolate and dragee by “Rūta” Chocolate Masters. THE HISTORY OF A HUNDRED YEARS has been awarded the Lithuanian Product of the Year 2022 gold medal!


Chocolate collection “Rūta” Chocolate Masters. THE HISTORY OF A HUNDRED YEARS is a symbolic tree of chocolates, a journey of a century from the past to the present. The 36 chocolates with different fillings represent the fruit of a unique chocolate tree, the dragee – the earth and the dark chocolate bar – the trunk of a majestic tree.

For this collection, products have been selected that create a harmony of taste, quality and elegance. The variety of sweets in the collection will appeal to lovers of subtle flavours and gourmets, as the collection includes combinations of chocolates with as many as 4 types of chocolate: white, milk, black and Ruby. We also use carefully selected, high-quality additives and fillings to create unique and unforgettable flavours.

This product is distinguished not only by its high quality and variety of flavours, but also by its luxurious packaging. It is adorned with a glittering golden logo, name, oak tree and legend. This exclusive collection of chocolates is complemented by a special case featuring the products and fillings, which is easy to remove and allows consumers to easily access the information.

On the inside of the box you will find a legend about the company “Rūta” – the longest-established chocolate producer in Lithuania, and an invitation for two to the “Rūta” chocolate museum next to the factory, where you can get to know the history of chocolate for almost 4,000 years, find out about the way in which chocolate and the tradition of consuming it have evolved over the ages, and become a true chocolate master!

The “Rūta” Chocolate Masters. THE HISTORY OF A HUNDRED YEARS collection has already been appreciated by buyers and customers as an exclusive, top quality product with excellent added value. The unique composition and design have also received a lot of positive feedback. The confectionery factory’s long-standing customers appreciate the desire to embody the company’s history in its products.

This confectionery tree is like an oak tree, where the talent of the founder of the factory, Antanas Gricevičius, is embodied, as well as the continuity of traditions, values, the power of history and the strength of family.