Participating in the Lithuanian-Taiwanese Business Forum

A bilateral Lithuanian-Taiwanese business forum and meetings between Taiwanese government representatives and businesses take place in Taipei, Taiwan, 21–28 February. Vice-Minister of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania, the President of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists and business representatives, including Head of the Development of the “Rūta” confectionery factory, are taking part in this business forum.

The forum also included bilateral meetings with existing and potential clients, based on the needs of the companies. However, one of the most important meetings “Rūta” had was with Ivan Huang, “Rūta” brand representative in Taiwan. Head of Development visited the branded stores with him and discussed future plans.

We are delighted that the “Rūta” brand is not only recognisable in Taiwan, but also very loved. And the assortment of products is expanding not only in “Rūta” branded stores, but also in retail chains such as “Jian-Mart”, “7-11” and others.