Fly on the Wings of Sweetness…

Easter is a celebration of spring, associated with the awakening of nature, renewal and new beginnings. Let’s celebrate the new beginning with our assortment of spring-themed desserts!


The collection’s vibrant packaging is adorned with blossoming nature motifs and colourful butterflies, symbolising the transformation, positive change, lightness, vitality and joy that come with spring.


So welcome spring by immersing yourself in the cheerful dance of butterflies together with the sweet products of “Rūta”!


The “Nature’s charms” and “Butterfly dance” sets feature the highest quality handmade sweets in brightly designed packaging.


We also offer many types of dragée sweets, including crispy almonds in white chocolate “Žara“, crispy almonds with Ruby chocolate and blackcurrants, almonds in white chocolate and coffee – all presented in very elegant, spring-themed packaging! Our spring dragée collection now also includes the “Nature’s charms” set, consisting of 4 types of dragée.


In celebration of the coming spring we also offer a wide variety of chocolate desserts. Enjoy the sweetest moments with handcrafted milk chocolate egg with caramel and rice crispies or black chocolate egg with raspberries. A beautiful decoration of the Easter table can become mini chocolate eggs of 4 different flavours.


For the lovers of small, cute gifts, we offer a dark chocolate bar (18 g) or the “Nature’s charms” set (90 g), accompanied with little messages on its packaging. You may also enjoy our milk chocolate bars (18 g) and the “Butterfly dance” set (90 g) of a colourful design.


We’ve also expanded our assortment of flavours with the “Egg half” figures, and are now offering milk chocolate egg with wafer and crushed almond filling, as well as a dark chocolate egg with sea buckthorn and cheese filling.


You may also enjoy our exclusive dark chocolate “Easter egg”, coated with white chocolate and adorned with Easter-themed elements. It’s a perfect gift for the Easter table!


Enjoy a special sense of softness and sweetness, as well as liven up your festive table with the colourful cheesecake-flavoured “Butterfly dance” soufflé set.


These and other Easter-themed desserts can be found in our physical stores and online under Easter.