Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts!

“Love is a moment that outshines all the suns and stars in the universe.” (M. K. Čiurlionis)


Love is like the world: magnificent, mysterious, and boundless. Its power is hard to comprehend, but to experience it is an extraordinary feeling! For Valentine’s Day, the “Rūta“ confectionery factory presents the special “You are my World“ line, dedicated to expressing a special, “cosmic” love. By gifting products of this line to our loved ones, we remind them that they are the most important people in our lives.


The special line is distinguished by its bright red, the colour of love, packaging with golden constellations’ elements and different declarations of love: “You are my sun!”, “You are my moon!”, “You are my world!” and “You are my star!”.


The exclusive product in this year’s special range is the “You are my Sun” set of chocolates. The elegantly shaped box contains top quality, luxurious heart-shaped chocolates with expressive fillings that will appeal to the most discerning gourmets.


For a moment of sweet indulgence, there is the rich and delicately sour taste of Ruby and dark chocolate, while traditional milk chocolate lovers can choose from 5 different label designs with inspiring declarations of love.


The dragee range includes two elegant dragee boxes, featuring “Žara“ classic crispy almonds in white chocolate and crispy almonds in Ruby chocolate and blackcurrants.


The range has been complimented with a fluffy, creamy soufflé cake with raspberries, which is not only fun to give as a gift, but also to share with the people you love most.


These and other Valentine’s Day products can be found in our physical stores and online: Valentine’s Day.