International Award for the Chocolate Collection!

The “A Chocolate-Scented History” chocolate collection has been awarded two gold stars in the “Superior Taste Award”!


The confectionery factory Rūta has created an elegant set of 5 brand new chocolate sweets to commemorate its 110th anniversary. They perfectly reflect the factory’s experience and craftsmanship, as well as the main production principles, which include paying attention to detail and ensuring the highest quality. It is therefore extremely gratifying that it has received such a high international recognition!


The design of this collection reveals historical details of Rūta: sweets wrappers designed during the interwar period and photos from different periods, reflecting the daily life of the factory.


The collection consists of 5 exclusive dark chocolate candies with these fillings: Ruby chocolate, raspberry and cheese filling; cherry Griottines and mascarpone filling; crushed pistachios and pistachio filling; Marsala wine, white chocolate and cocoa nibs filling; Yuzu and chili filling.


The international “Superior Taste Award” is organised annually by the International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi). The jury is made up of more than 200 professionals in their field who evaluate the products submitted to the competition – none of the jury members has any prior knowledge of the product.