Plant a tree for Lithuania!

Lithuania is a land famous for its wonderful landscapes, plains and hills, the greatness of forests, the abundance of lakes and the mystery of forests. We have been saying the name LITHUANIA for more than a thousand years, we are proud of our sonorous language and we continue to write the country’s history.

We present the new collection of chocolates LITHUANIA and its mission – to contribute to replanting forests and reducing CO2 emissions in Lithuania. In cooperation with the “Nacionalinis neliečiamojo miško fondas”, we will plant 1 tree for every “Lietuva” collection of chocolates purchased.

The collection of chocolate candies LITHUANIA was created to represent our country. That is why in this set you will find 72 handmade chocolates in 27 expressive flavors. Also, inside the candy collection you will find a booklet about Lithuanian forests and their importance. After all, forests are an integral part of Lithuania’s identity.