UAB Rūta was awarded with AA BRC certification

Bureau Veritas Certification has conducted an audit and has awarded UAB Rūta with the AA BRC Global Standard for Food Safety certification.

This certification proves that all manufacturing processes complies with the food safety requirements of the British Retail Consortium. The Consortium workgroup updates the requirements once in every 2 years to adapt to the market. As a result, this certification proves that our company meets all the latest food safety requirements and regulations.

UAB Rūta is the oldest confectionery factory in Lithuania. We respect our history and adhere family values ​​in the business, educating employees, constantly implementing production processes that ensure the highest product quality and food safety. We consider our reputation as a food producer to be the greatest asset of the company among consumers and its shareholders. We strive for the Rūta brand to become known and valued as a benchmark for the highest quality chocolate products outside Lithuania.

Meanwhile, the BRC certificate, issued by an independent appraiser, confirms not only our local but also foreign consumers that we supply safe, high-quality products and that production is manufactured in accordance with all food safety requirements.